Cassiopee UHV Suitcase

The Cassiopee beamline has a reliable and easy way to transfer air-sensitive samples between the laboratories which grow such sample and the Cassiopée beamline located at Synchrotron SOLEIL. Such ultra-high vacuum (UHV) suitcase weight 15 kg is autonomous for several days thanks to a Ionic-pump combined with a NEG pumping device and compatible with Cassiopée beamline sample holders and sample environment. It's also easy to mount and handle.

The UHV suitcase can be mounted on CF40 flange both at Synchrotron SOLEIL beamline and on the other laboratories vacuum end-stations. After proper bake-out and NEG conditionning, we provide a base pressure of 1.10-10 mbar. We are able to measure indirectly the pressure by measuring the current of the ionic pump.

Figure 1

For sample storage, a sample park with 5 slots is provided.

For sample transfer, we have a linear/rotary feedthrough which can go up to 400 mm after the transfer flange, a port aligner and port views to allow easy transferring.

The total weight does not exceed 15 kg and the total length does not exceed 1100 mm. To be easily manipulated, protection plates and carrying handles are present.

Figure 2
Figure 3

Cassiopee beamlines uses “SHOM” plates for sample mounting: the UHV suitcase is compatible with such plates (see attached drawing).

Figure 4

To be easily transported from one laboratory to the other, a compatible “flightcase” is provided.

This suitcase is made by Cryoscan.